Need help with Cursor

I’ve got 2 new issues that are really bugging me.

The cursor marker (the vertical line, NOT the arrow), for some reason is no longer displaying itself in full in the project window. It goes where I tell it but it only shows at the top of the screen in the ruler section of the grid. How do I get back the full line across the entire grid?

The other issue is that the project window screen doesn’t automatically update when I jump to locate points in the song. I’ve checked and unchecked every scroll control I can find but nothing seems to be working to make the screen go to wherever I tell it. I can’t tell if it’s a marker track issue or not. But it’s annoying the hell out of me right now.

Any suggestions?

You’re in ‘Edit Mode’ - for sound to picture…

Top menu: Transport/ de-activate 'Edit Mode"

Jumping to markers works at should here. Either clicking on markers in the transport or clicking on the > in the transport inspector panel. It doesn’t jump to markers if ‘Autoscroll’ “F” is off though…

Thanks a lot, that fixed both problems! What does “Edit Mode” do specifically for SFP? Why are the functions so drastically altered?

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

edit mode allows you to move a clip and the video picture will scroll along… so if you have sfx to place at an exact point you can move the clip and the picture will move in sync… imagine individual footsteps…