Need help with Disappearing Folders

I have mentioned this issue before months ago regarding not being able to access files because they showed up EMPTY. Even though I know I shouldn’t have let it slide then, I kept working like this because I’d found a work around. I would tell N11 to open a project and it would launch the folder where the project should be. But the project folder that opened was EMPTY! By accident, I found out that, in spite of the empty appearance, just pushing enter would still launch the project or perhaps, an audio file that I was trying to import and I had deadlines to meet.

But now things are getting ridiculous. I don’t know if it’s coincidental timing or not. But I was working on expanding my color pallet and implementing the full colored mixer setting. After setting my new presets as defaults. I launched them on the previous project that I had just finished. That went fine. Then I tried it on the project before that and Nuendo crashed.

I shut down, re-launched, it came up in safe mode, I let it continue and then shut it down again properly. When I opened the project after the fix, it said that I was missing a half dozen files. When I used the LOCATE function, it went to the folder and loaded ONE FILE. Normally, when you find the folder that contains missing files, downloading the 1st one will start a chain reaction and load all of the others. This didn’t happen. So, I went to the search function.

This gave me an empty folder! See the screen shot.

You can see the folder on the far right contains ALL OF THE FILES. But the search folder in the center screen is blank and, unlike audio import or project launching, it was NOT finding anything when I activated the search function.

How do I get all of these components to work together (like they should) again?

If this is a Nuendo file search window (called MeddiaBay window) used inside Nuendo to look for files, and NOT a normal Windows “window”, then the issue lies with Nuendo’s CACHE of its search function.

Have you recently cleared that cache? That would definitely give you this empty window behavior.

What happens when you use the MediaBay window? Is it also empty when you open the project folder?

You may need to re scan your media drive:

If this is happening with the regular Windows “windows”, then I got nothing. It is yet another reason I have not even attempted to use a Windows machine for audio production in decades. Too finicky.


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I used to have a custom rack job. Did very well, with Nuendo 1.2 on it.

But you know what clients in the US want…


This one was a first. I went into the apps section to run the repair tool on Nuendo. When I selected that option from the drop down menu, it said


That was the apparent “Smoking Gun!” I did a complete uninstall and reinstall of N11 and, surprise, all of the folders acted as they should. I can’t even begin to imagine how the program got separated from it’s path origin, which would explain why it never occurred to me to check. I’ll recognize this symptom for sure next time.

My thanks to those of you offering suggestions to help.