Need help with exporting xml from piano duet

I’m not able to export the “full score” to xml, primo and secundo is working fine but if I chose to export “full score” it exports “secundo”.
Printing is working fine, all parts and full score but not exporting.
Is my setup wrong?, I really could use some help with this.

Here’s the project:

I think you’d need to set up an additional layout that uses the conventional approach of Primo immediately above Secondo, on one system, throughout, then export that layout as MusicXML.

MusicXML doesn’t have any options to “understand” a piano duet score with primo and secondo on opposite pages.

The best you could do would be export the music page by page as a single piano part, and reset the bar numbers, page headings, etc, for every page.

Of course if you made the score in Finale or Sibelius, then that would be the only option anyway, because they don’t have any features equivalent to “two separate flow chains on alternate pages, each displaying a different player in the same flow” as in Dorico.

Thank you guys
I solved it by editing the Master page set, so I set both sides to include both primo and secundo, that fixed it.
I tried to find a way to have different Master Page Sets for different layouts but I couldn’t find a way to do that, is it possible you think?

Leo was right, if I set up a new layout with a new Master Page Set it works fine, and I can have different layouts for different purposes, that’s great!
Thank’s once again!