Need help with komplete VST

Hi there! I recently bought Komplete kontrol. The VST works in stand alone just great, but the problem is that i cant manage to get it up in Cubase. It doesnt even show in the instrument list, Ive tried to update VST plug in path, etc. Any idea on what i could try?

  • Cheers!

I have the same problem and I submitted a support request and I am waiting. I have tried since Cubase 9 came out and I haven’t figured it out. Has anyone gotten Komplete Kontrol vst to open?


Komplete Kontrol works fine for me. (Komplete 10 Ultimate).

I just got KK too and ran into a similar problem. you have to have Cubase find the plugin folder manually. it was pretty easy. this was helpful. I’m using Cubase 7.5


Also If you aren’t sure of the folder to add in Cubase -
Open Native Access
Choose Komplete Kontrol
on that side window that pulls over choose Installation path and that will tell you where the plug in is located so you know what folder to add.

Hope that helps