need help with korg r3 & interface/cubase

im really getting confuse here about how to connect my korg r3 to my motu microbook 2 interface and then record the sound from the korg into cubase 7.5…
i think that i need to connect the cables(got this cables today from guitar center ) from the korg output to the microbook line in 3/4.
now if that’s correct so far , what do i need to do inside cubase ?
i think i can control the korg r3 with my m-audio keystation 61es but not sure that i want to do it , i just want to record the r3 in cubase when i want the sound from the r3 to midi or audio…

Thanks for helo :wink:

so no one can help me set up the korg r3 with cubase ? :confused: