Need help with LE: insert expression Controller automation to Selected notes


I have several notes selected. I’d like to insert Expression (CC11) to these. I tried the following. But in the Action target, in value 1 ( as you can see) does not let me to insert a number.

Instead, it gives me midi note number c-2, … I tried with B-2 ( counting from C-2), it adds expressions. Shouldn’t we see numbers there? 1,2, …, 128?

Anyhow, the LE preset I made, it seems it puts expression for all the notes and not the just selected ones.

Any help would be appreciated.


You can type the value (11) but then Cubase changes it to the Pitch Name. This is because Cubase still overtakes the Value 1 from the Note. But the Logical Editor works, as you set it up anyway.