Need help with midi composing with score editor and Cubase sounds

Elements 13 newbie here. I had free version of Cubase LE years ago which I liked and I know Audacity pretty well. I just bought a Tascam USB cassette deck to digitize a lot of old tapes and modify them with effects plus I’d like to do some midi composing. A salesman at Sweetwater recommended Elements 13 for the Tascam but figuring out how it works has been quite frustrating and I don’t look forward to reviewing countless youtubes to figure out exactly what I want to do so I’m hoping I can get some specific help here.

Matching the Tascam up was pretty unproductive. After several fruitless hours with the Cubase manual at hand I eventually phoned Sweetwater tech support and a very helpful gentleman there spent an hour plus with me including remotely taking over my computer to see if he could get them working together, all to no avail. Finally I tried Audacity and that linked immediately to the Tascam so I’m happily recording my tapes with that.

What I want to do now with Cubase is compose with midi, mainly using the score editor, and delve into the potentially awesome array of Cubase sounds available. I started by downloading just Mystic Spaces but couldn’t get it to show up anywhere in Elements, even after copying it to the VST Sounds folder. I then downloaded Halion Sonic 7 and it showed up with no problem and I got it into a midi track but the score editor remained grayed out. I loaded an old midi file of mine and got it into a track with the Halion and then the score editor was available but I want it there without having to load an old midi file first.

I tried to play my old midi file with the Halion and I get no sound. I checked my Windows 10 sound settings and they seem correct so why am I not hearing anything? Also can’t figure out how to access all the Halion options through its own window and there’s nothing about that in the Cubase manual. For output I also have a JV-1010 but I haven’t connected it yet and want to try the sounds Cubase has to offer first, presumably through my computer sound system.

So basically what I’m asking is how do I set up a new midi track with sounds and the score editor, and access all the Halion and Mystic Spaces sound options, as well as any I might additionally download. I imagine this is simple if you know how but after several more hours opening windows and clicking options, I’m just not getting any further. What I’m trying to avoid is spending a lot of time studying Cubase and researching the answers to my questions so if anyone can help me resolve them I’d appreciate it.