Need help with MIDI Device Manager

Im trying to do a Device in Cubase 9.5 pro with my Roland M-VS1.
Its a sound module with 255 preset patches.
I can manage to get it work right with the first 128 presets, but I dont understand how to reach number 129-255 from the Inspector window?
I tried to do two banks in Device Manager, both with presets from 0-127, but when I switch bank with the Bank Selector in Inspector window, its still always the first bank that are controlled.
Anyone got any suggestions about this?


Unfortunately from the Patch List in the manual (I found), it’s not clear, what Bank is used. Try to send the Program Change from sound 128 to sound 129 to Cubase and record the data (or use MIDI Monitor). you should see, what Bank Select value has been used.

Thanks for your effort to help me Martin.
Unfortunately I only got MIDI in connected on this module and I cant reach the back of it right now without difficulties.

Maybe its the same patch list you saw that I got, but on mine it says:
Patch 1-128: CC0: 80; CC32: 0…
Patch 129-255: CC0: 81; CC32: 0…

Is it something with “80” and “81” that shall be used in Device manager?

OK, then this is the answer. You have to use MIDI CC0 at value 81 to get the 2nd set of patches.

Ohh you’re going down a dark hole. I did a lot of this some years back, I even wrote out all the patch names to show in Cubase. It was for the Yamaha CS2x and expanded the JV1080. So glad it’s all still there, not ditched by Steinberg in new versions.

OK, but I dont understand were in Device Manager to do that?
I first do a “Bank” then “Add Multiple presets”, and there I can choose CC0, and then I can choose the Range between 0-127, but I dont see were to specify the value 81?

Yes, it feels that way. :smiley:
But in my case Im happy with being able to change the number of the patch from inspector window.

Hi Peter,

Once you create a bank add two “New Folders” then “Add Multiple Presets” to each.

You could probably do it without CC32 (LSB).

Exactly and how much better would it be if the inspector window had the exact name of the patch!

Thank you for your help and the screenshot.
Now I come a little bit further, but a strange thing now is that with Bank Selector in Inspector Window I now reach Bank1 with values from 1-128 and Bank2 with 129-255?

Now I come a little bit further, but a strange thing now is that with Bank Selector in Inspector Window I now reach Bank1 with values from 1-128 and Bank2 with 129-255?

Yes, that’s the idea. Just use MSB 81 for Bank 2.
Alternatively you could put all presets in the same bank if you prefer that.

I cannot try this out because I don’t have that Roland unit but it should work.
When you install some factory midi device (Roland) some of them work the same way. MSB 80/81 and Program Change.

I see now that my writing can be misunderstand, I try to explain in a better way:
When using Bank selector, I want to change between the two banks, for example 1 and 2, and with the Program Selector I want to change program 1-128 for each bank.
But now its correct with Program selector, but with Bank Selector I get Bank 1 with all the numbers between 1-128, and Bank 2 with all the numbers between 129-255. The numbers in Bank Selector that is, not in program selector.

So its possible to use it this way as it right now, but I have to switch between 128 and 129 on bank selector to change banks.
It would be more obvious to change banks between 0-1 or 1-2 in bank selector.

How? Program change is only 1-127?

Ok, I thought you wanted to create a new midi device.

If you did that then you would be able to select a preset by name from the midi track inspector and Cubase would send midi messages needed to switch the preset for you. You can organise the presets however you want. Just make sure correct midi messages are sent. That’s what I meant by putting all the presets in the same bank.

But if I understand correctly what you want to do then you probably don’t need to bother with Midi Device Manager at all. Did you try values 80 and 81 for Bank selector?

You are right, I can use the bank selector and program selector without creating a midi device, I thought I had to to a device first.
But its better as you say to do a midi device with its other benefits.
But still, to control the bank from bank selector its 1-127 for bank 1 and 128-255 for bank 2. Not 80 and 81?