Need Help with Midi Trigger from audio track

I have an audio drum track that has the complete drums on one track.
What I’m trying to do is extract the snare hits and use that to trigger the Halion Synth.
I know how to set that up as I have triggered snare or kick tracks to get a better sounding drum.

Here’s my problem:
If I e.q. the original track to bring out just the snare hits, the Midi Sample Editor doesn’t present me with the e.q.'d track. it has the original un-e.q.'d track so my hit points are crowded with the kick peaks, etc.
So, I exported the e.q.'d track, and then dragged it back into the song but guess what? it’s shorter than the original and doesn’t sync up.
How do I resolve this? is there a better way to do this? it seems that the editor should reference my modified track.

Is this new imported file set to musical or linear mode?
Sample rates match?

Thank you for responding, Rotund!

You hit the nail right on the head. The Sample Rates were different.

I exported to a new track, triggered the HALion Snare and it worked great.

Thank You! Thank You!