Need help with my new UR28M.


So i just got my new Steinberg UR28M and it looks great.
I litterally know nothing about this Stuff, and i would be truly greatful if someone could answer the questions i have along the way, while setting up the settings? :confused:

I have a few questions.

-When i put my mic on playback i can only hear myself in the left headphone ear, how can i fix that?
-How do i turn up my microphone(it’s low on skype and Ts3.)
-How can i adjust my voice for streaming n stuff.

Skype: Svej12

A Mic is typically a mono source so recording onto a stereo track will have it either left or right depending on the specific input used. Record on a mono track.

Make sure you’re using the inputs 1 or 2, and use the gain control, also ensure the pad is not engaged. Other wise, if using a DAW you can additionally add gain in the Pre of the recording track. Otherwise you may need a discreet preamp.

This question is too open-ended to answer.

You really should add a bit more background like what kind of mic you are using; are you using Cubase or just the DspMixFX software, (and then recording into what)? This info would save a lot hit and miss Q&A.

Thanks for your reply.

I’m using the At2020 Audio-Technica.

  • How do i change it to Mono track, as u said?

What program do i use for adjusting my voice for streaming and skype?
Cubase appears to be only for recording, idk.

I didn’t say change it to mono I said you should “in future” record to a mono track.
As is, however you could output the existing track to a Mono Group track which is routed out to your Stereo Monitor bus. Create a Mono Group track and route the output of your stereo track to this group. The signal should be in the middle stereo image and panable. You could further bounce just the Group track to a wav file, create a new mono track and drop the file onto this new track. You could then eliminate the original stereo track plus the group track.
There is also a Mono to Stereo plug if you prefer to go this route, you will then have a stereo file. The former method however I would say is preferable unless you need/really want a stereo file - and know how to set up the parameters of the plugin for what you want.

What program do i use for adjusting my voice for streaming and skype?

I’m not sure what you mean by “adjusting”.