Need Help With Offline Processing Stereo Track


I’m needing help with Off Line Processing of my entire mix/stereo track. I’m working with a Protools engineer and he suggested I check and see if Cubase has off line processing like protools. I’ve read about direct off line processing and that only sounds like it’s meant for clips, not the entire mixdown. I’ve looked at rendering and that bounces everything to another track.

-This is what I’m trying to do-
I have one midi track and 2 FX channel tracks, in addition to my stereo out with a bunch of plugins on it. On the stereo out I Fab Filter Pro L 2 True Peak Limiter plugin. I’m trying to process everything all at once with out having to play it all. I guess there is a way to do this in Protools, is there a way to do this in Cubase pro? My goal is to process it quickly so I can see what peaks with my Fab Filter Pro L 2 true peak limiter. I’m hoping I don’t have to play through the entire track to process the true peak filter in my stereo out.

Any thoughts? Any help is much appreciated!

If I understand correctly, the default Export Audio settings should do what you want. Just make sure not to select the option for Real-time Export.

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Hi Raino,

Thank you for the tip. I was thinking about that as a back up plan. I think my engineer was trying to get the results for mastering edits as if you played through the file to see the peaks. I actually don’t think we need a mixdown or a bounce track.

If it helps clarify things when I worked with my engineer we played through the entire file to see the peaks the limiter hit. He mentioned that it would be great if there is a way to do offline processing. I guess Protools does this, He is a protools guy. When I asked him exactly what that was he said instead of playing the through the entire song which eats up time, off line processing would instantly run though the entire song and allow us to get into the limiter and see the peaks. I don’t know if this helps explain it more. I’m a bit new to this all…

There is an Audio Statistics function in Cubase (sorry not at DAW for the exact command) that you might find useful. It lets you select Audio and see info about peaks, loudness, etc.

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thank you