Need help with Padshop 2

How do I record a track using padshop 2 just cannot figure out how to record them in cubase 11 pro how do you drop their samples in a track

You mean the Audio out from PadShop onto a track for furter editing?

Create one input bus and one output but in VST Connections but don’t connect them to anything.
Give them names so you find them later, like “padshop IN” and “padshop OUT”
Create an audio track to record the audio on.
In the inspector re-route the audio in on your ney audio track so you replace your hardware inputs with your new “padshop IN”.
In the same way re-route the audio out from PadShop to your new “padshop OUT” bus.
If you hit the monitor button the audio ought to go from PadShop via the busses to your audio track.
Now you can just record on that track normally and do whatever you want with the audio file!

Same goes for any other VSTi by the way.

You can also export the audio and import it directly on a new track but that’s kind of primitive and time consuming if you do it a lot.