Need help with routing


I’m writing for a film and need to be able to record my cues into Cubase for mix down and stems. I have all my tracks being routed to a “sub out” buss in which I apply my mix processing, and my audio track is setup to accept the sub out as the input for recording.

Heres the problem: I have the bad habit of opening new synths inside cubase (which default to main out) and forgetting to change them because I still hear them through my speakers. So is there anyway to only monitor whats going out the “sub out” when writing and/or when I’m recording down to audio track, is there a way to only monitor what is being recorded on the audio track and not hear the main outs?

If I’m not explaining this well please let me know and I’ll try again. :slight_smile: Thanks in advance for the help!

p.s. on a related note - is it possible to color code the different outputs in the routing section of the mixer? If I could just make the stereo out bright red maybe that would remind me