Need help with some operational options

I’ve mastered and organised my album in an Audio Montage using WL8.52

I’ve used Splice Markers so that gaps are part of the track as the album is for digital distribution on iTunes etc.

My questions are regarding the options available during render.

Q1. Do fade-in/out at boundaries … do I need this feature as my tracks already have proper fade in and outs in my Montage?

Q2. Audio in pauses … do I need this feature if I have created my gaps as part of a track by using Splice Markers?


Leave it off. If you turn it on, additional fade in and fade out will be done to each of the rendered files, based on the default fade specified in Audio File editing preferences. Probably not what you want.

I can’t think of a circumstance where Audio In Pause has any effect on renders, whether whole montage, or regions/tracks, even if CD Track Start and End markers are used.
Afaik, It only affects the CD, DVD-A, or DDP.
(Hover over the Audio in Pause button for more information.)
Regardless, I always leave Audio In Pause on, because there is never a circumstance I would want any Audio In Pause muted.
But you don’t ‘need’ it if using Splice Markers only. I just leave it on anyway.

Thanks bob99

I also select “no tail” as that seems to make sense also.

I appreciate the answers.


You might want to check out the context help for No Tail (click the question mark in the upper right corner of the render window next to the “X”), and then hover over the No Tail option. It could possibly have relevance if you’re using reverb or other plugins. Can’t remember exactly. Normally I leave No Tail unselected, but depending on your usage, it may not have an effect either way, or it might be important to leave it on or off.

OK thanks - I think I’ll just leave it unselected as well.

I don’t use any reverb or delay plugins when mastering so really it probably won’t matter either way.

I’m still getting to grips with the huge amount of options in WL8.5 and many different possible workflows.

Thanks again