Need Help with tempo link with Arturia Laboratory

Hey guys, I have asked this in the Arturia forums however those forums are quite dead and this could be a greater issue of vst control in Cubase 6 or more likely a lack of knowledge on my part, so here goes…

I’m having an issue with linking the arpeggiator tempo in the Arturia Laboratory to the tempo in Cubase when using as a VST instrument. There is a tempo slider on the laboratory controller which works perfectly when in stand alone mode but has no affect in vst mode. That is to say, moving the tempo slider on the controller also moves the tempo slider on the vst synth but it has no affect. What is most odd though is the arpeggiator sounds in the laboratory aren’t linked to the tempo in Cubase. And, with the tempo slider not working properly in vst mode, pretty much renders all arp sounds completely useless. I have much experience with other Arturia soft synths though and every one until this one linked to the tempo of the host.

Recently, I just built a new rig and moved to Cubase 6 and brought in Arturia Laboratory because overall, I’ve been very pleased with both steinberg and Arturia in the past. I have no way to test the other Arturia Soft Synths that have been able to link the arp tempos to the host software tempos in the past with Cubase 6 so I can’t troubleshoot much.

This seems to probably be an arturia issue although I’m not an expert at mapping/tweaking midi. At any rate, if anyone has any ideas what so ever, they would be much appreciated. Thanks!

I think you’ll get more responses in the Cubase 6 forum, this forum section isn’t overly active unfortunately.
Haven’t got anything else constructive to say, sorry :wink: