Need help with the following scenario

Hey all,

I’m hoping some Cubase brainiacs can help out here as I’m having issues with audio warp applying to all tracks in a group edit.

I have recorded some guitar which has two audio channels with each take: one is the mic’d signal, the other is the DI signal. I was hoping to link these two channels together, and fix up any time issues by audio warping the DI signal and have the mic’d signal behave the same way - being linked.

I have placed both channels into a group folder and engaged the ‘Group Editing’ button, double-clicked the waveform, performed the necessary Audio warps to the DI channel, only to discover that Mic’d signal has not moved with the edits I made while audio warping. :question:

If one then goes to ‘link’ the channels in the mixer, it only applies to certain changes in the mixer and not the project window. So is there any way to actually perform a group edit audio warp within Cubase 7?

Audio warp is a single track feature.

A single track can range from mono up to six channels though (5.1).
In your case the easiest way is to export both tracks to a stereo file (fully panned L/R) and warp that. This way it’s absolute phase proof too.
You can use the Mix6To2 plugin to monitor what you want to hear, probably the mic’d signal. Otherwise you’d have to listen to both hard panned which can’t be much fun obviously :sunglasses:

I’d enjoy having a true phase linear multitrack warp in Cubase but that’s something for the Feature Request section.