Need help with the Stereo Combined Panner in Artist

Hi everyone,

This is my first post, I’ve been a happy Cubase 7 Artist user for 2 days now (coming from a nightmare with Sonar).

I’m picking up the pace just fine, but for the life of me I can’t find the “Stereo Combined Panner” option. Also couldn’t find any post related to this problem.

Here’s my situation:

  • Trying this on a stereo audio track (imported from Sonar)
  • The track is already routed to stereo input and output buses
  • According to the manual, the pan control context menu (right-click) should present the “Stereo Combined Panner” option, but is not there.
  • I’m trying the pan control context menus on both the MixConsole and the Project View
  • Alt+click on the pan control shows a single fader (pop up)

What am I missing? Any other Preference, Project Setup or bus options I should check?

At first I though this might only be a Full Version only feature, but neither the manual not the comparison chart indicate that.

Thanks in advance

Unfortunately that’s probably how it is. It’s always been like that only full Cubase had all (formerly 3) Panner modes. And as you say, it’ s not there in CA 7, whereas it is in C 7

BUMMER, anyway thanks for the reply

Hi Kengtin,

Welcome to the dark side, as they would say in the Sonar forums lol. If I may, I’d suggest upgrading to the full version of Cubase, not simply because of the planner option, but also because there are many must have features (at least for my needs, yours probably differ) such as MP3 encoding, Expression Maps, the Logical Editor, Batch Export, the Control Room, VariAudio, Time Warp Tool, etc. If none of these features are important to your workflow, then I have said nothing and you can continue using Cubase Artist. Either way, I’m glad to hear you are happy with Cubase. It is truly a great DAW.

Take care!

Hello, can someone take a question?
I bought the 7 per cubase artist internet and chose the Portuguese version.
All menus are in Portuguese but the documentation is still in English.
On page steinberg, in presenting cubase 7, last video, refers to the menus and manuals already in Portuguese.
Does the manuals are in Portuguese only in version 7 and not the artist version 7?? Strange.

Thank you for your attention. :wink:

Until now there are only the english manuals available for complete V7 release