Need help with track signature! Urgent please maybe BUG

I made an alteration to the grid timeline within a few bars with “signature” track long time ago in cubase 11 or maybe 8 I don’t remember, I am currently facing difficulty in undoing the this change than I did few years ago. Is there someone who could kindly assist me in resolving this matter?

Please be note that the track “signature” is not visible, and none of the tracks have been hidden in the project, I verified.

is this some known issue? or an error?


I have attached a project in which I have removed all the tracks leaving only the grid, however it is evident the problem with the grid when opening the project.

TEST ERROR.cpr (1.8 MB)


The fact the Signature track is not visible doesn’t mean, there are no events. Just Add the Signature track and you will see, there are an events.

I opened your project, added the Signature track and I can see the events.

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