Need help with UR22 (doesn't pick up sound very well)

Hi everyone,

This is my first time here and I need your help! I’d like to know if I have issues with my UR22 or my microphones (or no issues).

Whenever I record, the recording seems very distant and low in volume. If my input knob is around half, I don’t hear much background noise, but I can’t hear my guitar unless I place myself almost on the microphone. Most videos I’ve watched recommend keeping a distance of 1 foot from the mic, but when I do I can barely hear my guitar from the recording and it sounds very distant/echo-ey. If I increase the input knob so I can hear my guitar properly, the microphone starts picking up background noise (I can even hear my parents cough from the 1st floor). I have made a short video clip testing my UR22. Can someone help me figure out if the problem is with my microphone or with my UR22? Just for information, the test has been done on a clean laptop (factory reset) with the latest drivers for UR22 as of September 28, 2016. I have also done the test one two different condenser microphones (AKG Perception and the Blue Spark) with the same results.

Thank you!

Hi haseyo.

I’d like to know if I have issues with my UR22 or my microphones (or no issues).

I don’t think you have any issues with your microphone or UR22.
At least nothing that would be obvious from your video.

Microphone doesn’t know what’s noise and what’s your music. As you turn up gain you make both louder.
You just need to find a compromise between guitar being loud enough and the background noise still relatively low. Ideally you should try to avoid background noise by finding a suitable quiet place for recording, if possible.