Need help with Video playback not playing along with audio


Nuendo 12.0.52 is not playing back H264 video. Plays for about 1 second then stops, doesn’t continue.

Anyone have some ideas how to make it work?



For flawless and snych video / audio, don’t use H264 codec.
Try to use ProRes or DNxHD. I always recommend the ERMediaToolikt from Audiospot. Super fast and easy to use for (re)encoding videos.

Can you please post the video file specifications with MediaInfo? (Please select “Text” under View.) It is free.

We usually work with H264 with no issues. Mainly we work in dubbing jobs for cinema and TV. 9 rooms with Nuendo 12.

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All good. A better transcoding utility is in my future. Thanks for your willingness to help!

That’s interesting you all work with h264 for dubbing - h264 isn’t frame accurate so surprised to hear that!

I would recommend SonicAxiom’s AVConvert - the same speed of convertion as Audiospot. It supports convert to Prores, I made additional DNxHD convert preset for it. I have Audiospot ER as well. Both have their advantages, but AVConvert is free.

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Shutter Encoder is also really great and free as well. Also lets you swap out audio tracks from video files without re-encoding (I think ER does this as well)

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Thanks for the tip, nice converter!

As far as I know, all the dubbing studios we work together use H264 as proxy file for the dubbing projects. We never had sync issues.

Depends on the (remaining) processing power of your computer.
The more compressed the video file is, the more strain it puts on your system.

That being said, issues or not; it is never a good idea to use H264 video’s for Audio Post.
(But I am an old fart)



Fully support Fredo! The same old fart)

25 years working on dubbing job. 9 rooms here, 24 in Madrid, 20 in Barcelona, 4 in Bilbao, 8 in La Coruña, 8 in Lisboa… mmm I know what I’m saying.
Of course less compression less charge for the CPU, but I can guarantee that using small i5 Mac mini s (8GB RAM) no sync issues.
For mixing we use more power computers. Now Mac Studio with M1 Max is our standard, but we’ve been working with MacPro 5.1 until past year on heavy projects and never had a sync issue with H264 video sync.


Never said it wasn’t possible.
I just said it isn’t such a great idea. For various reasons.
Reasons you’ll probably (and hopefully) never bump into working in the dubbing sector.


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