Need help working with voices.

So, I am right now making a hymnal score, and I am combining voices. Right now, I am trying to get rid of rests that are happening when I combine voices in only half of the measure. I am trying to make the note start voice, but it will not let me. How would I hide those rests?

Select them (or the whole measure) and Edit—>Remove Rests.

I use it often enough that I’ve mapped it to a key command.

It might not be obvious, but you can’t make a note start a voice unless the previous note (before the rests) ended the voice.

Maybe that is why it “won’t let you” do what you want - you need to do an “end voice” first.

“Remove rests” is probably a simpler option to use, though.

Actually, “Remove Rests” automatically creates start and end voices for the affected notes. It’s just a vastly easier way to do it!

Thank you!

Yeah, but some of us learned how to do this before “Remove Rests” was added to the program :sunglasses:

Actually, Start/End voices might still be easier, if for example the third voice on a staff is hardly ever used and you have 100 bars of rests to remove in that voice, without disturbing anything fancy you have done with other rests on the staff, for example sometimes keeping rests in voice 2 and sometimes deleting them.