need help

hey guys this is my first post.

I am using the cubase elements trial. Some of the notes of my recording is louder than the others, is it possible to adjust the volume of each note?
Also I was trying to record a piano part where there are both the root notes and melodies, cubase only picked up some of the notes and that happens also when I’m trying to record some drums, for example, if I was recording a simple rock pattern, cubase only recorded the first beat of every bar, what should I do? please help, thanks

-Open the key editor and select the note(s) you want to make louder or softer. Look in the info line for velocity and change the value from 0 (softest) to 127(loudest). You can use the up/down arrows for this as well.

-Don’t exactly know how this happens but you may have auto quantize on with a very low setting like half or whole notes or so? I would need some more information as to how you set up before recording?


Please make your Subject Lines a little more specific to attract those who can offer specific help. Thanks.

We don’t mind if people just starting out post such a general request. In fact, the topic title does express the essence of what the member is asking. You gotta start somewhere, right? (and it did attract an expert response)

The problem with people just starting out is that they sometimes don’t know what it’s called they specifically need help on? So I’ll go with Steve on this one. But I agree if it’s a specific topic it helps to give us some more info in the subject. Otherwise we’ll end up with lists of subjects like “Help me” and “Cubase doesn’t work”. :wink:

Thank you guys for your help. The problems are all solved. I will definitely be more specific in my topics in the future.