need info about metronome..

hi, I recently purchased UR22 and i got LE AI 8 with it…I have a soundtrack and to know the tempo of it I have imported in to software called “riffstation” where it automatically calculates and shows the tempo of track (98 bpm in this case)… then I opend cubase LE AI 8 and changed my tempo to 98bpm (rhythm 4/4 same as track) and imported the track to cubase but it does not play to tempo…I have got a metronome app in my mobile and it matches to 98bpm…I just wanted to know why cubase doesn’t play to the tempo…does it have a bug or did I miss something.

Hi and welcome,

Apply the Musical Mode (in the Inspector of the Project window, while the Audio event is selected; or in Pool). The audio will be synced with the tempo.

Other way would be to use Tempo Detection of Cubase, but this is not included in Cubase AI.

thanks for the info…i didnt know there is such option…i am new to cubase