Need info on cross platform conversion, PT, DP, N6Nuendo

Up until now We have been strickly an in house Nuendo facility.
Upcoming opportunities would force us to be able to convert/recall older projects created in both Digital performer and Protools. I have not kept up on any of the latest procedures or products to assist in the conversion. Would you folks send me a few pointer please. Any info appreciated.


AATranslator is imho the best tool for this.
Saying that, don’t expect to much.
When everything is working well you get correctly translated track names, audio files, fades and cross fades, clip levels, fader, pand and mute. That’s it.

No other automation, eq, inserts, sends…

So you probably need to prep the old projects first.
Render any needed fx etc.

To be honest, unless it’s a total remake it might be worth staying in the original program. You will loose quite a bit on the way over.


Yeah, but we do not own Protools or Digital performer. They belong to the composer, are on his computer at his house.

There are a few good recent threads on AATranslator. Search here will bring them up.

Digital Performer can be bought at a reasonable price. They also have cross grade pricing that will be easy to meet their requirements. Go to the MOTU site for details.

If it is only music tracks then have the composer export out the tracks separately and then bring them into Nuendo. If that is possible that it by far the easiest way.