need info

I’m posting this question here because I can’t seem to post anywhere else.

I feel I’m in sort of a jam. I have on order Cubase 6 artist and am now changing my mind as I see that 7 artist mixing console is too much of an advantage. I’m not crazy about how dark 7 looks so that’s why I was going for 6. I also saw that the grace period is for anything prior to 7’s release. Will I be able to upgrade 6 to 7 or is the grace period over?
I have time to return it if I can’t get the upgrade - actually, I have time to cancel the order.

Hi there,

all Cubase 6 and Cubase Artist 6 versions activated later than 25th October 2012 will receive a free grace period update. So your Cubase Artist 6 will be updated to Cubase Artist 7. You can keep it on order and enjoy the new version.

Hope that helps.


Thank you so much. I was so worried. I have some reservations about the dark colors of 7. It looks as though it’s hard on the eyes. But who know, it may be a personal taste and something I can become accustomed to.

Thanks for the information and please remove this thread since it has no business in this legacy forum :smiley: