Need Jazz Drummer

…desperately. If there are none in here I can muddle through it, but it would be sooooo much better if there were someone who knew what they were doing (read: it ain’t me). :laughing:

Also, since any thread with “jazz” in the title is going to attract Doug H…please check your Facebook Inbox. :smiley:

Well I’ve been wanting Jamstix for quite a while…

…and Cubase 6
…and Komplete 8

…but I can’t afford anything at the moment.

Thanks for the suggestion though!

Aloha f,

Another approach,

I was listening to a podcast called: Inside Home Recording’ and
the co-host was a drummer who does real drums on-line.

You send him your stuff (pretty much in any form) and he will lay down
real drums and send the stuff back to you.

He said that he does all styles and he can even do this process using
Skype, so the client (you) can check things out
and make adjustments in real time.

Not sure about the price but I seem to remember it being not so bad.

I’ll try and find that Pcast and post a link.


I’ve been to his site before. Nice service.

Since this is a song for my own (and hopefully everyone else’s) enjoyment I’m not planning on spending money on it even if I had the disposable income for it. (If I did, I’d buy a VST anyway.)