need metronome help


Cubase Artist 10.

Trying to set up the metronome for a 2 bar count in. Think I have it set up correctly. Maybe a version 10 bug?

Easy fix. Open your CR window. What you have opened (at the bottom of your Project) is actually NOT something that interfaces with the audio out of the metronome. To turn on the metronome AUDIO OUT to the Stereo Bus - such that you can hear what you are changing - whether click sound or record intro, play a recorded track on loop. Next look at the CR panel towards the lower middle left hand side. See that BLUE icon that has a metronome image on it? Click on that (it will turn white) and typically leave it ‘on’ and then control your metronome with the ‘C’ key. You should be good.

If 'm not mistaken, there should also be something selected in the “Select Audio Click Outputs” dropdown in this same very dialog?


CR = Control Room? If that is the case CR is not a feature available in Artist. But thank you nevertheless.

Should have stated that I can hear the metronome, just can’t get the count-in to work.

Did a search before posting but didn’t find anything. Just saw this thread.

Yes I should have included that in the screen shot. It is checked and points to “stereo outs”.

Found the other thread mentioned in the previous reply. Looks like a bug.


I inserted two empty measures as a short term work-around.

Clever fix.

Yes looks like a Bug, same behavior here.

Also on the metronome page you have the output bus is hidden even if you have a buss selected. Another strange thing is you can expand the window but the output buss field doesn’t expand with the window. You can minimize the window by dragging the focus line all of the way to the left and it will crash Cubase.