Need MIDI TRansformer Help For Cubase 7

Short and to the point.

My pitch bend wheel is broken. I have an Axiom AIR 49 keyboard. I want to use one of my sliders that transmit MIDI data for pitch bend. Does Cubase 7 have a MIDI transformer of some sort where I can say “Use MIDI 73 to transmit pitch bend” or something like that? I’m assuming I’m going to need one CC for pitch bend up and another for pitch bend down.

Thank you for your assistance.

There’s only one pitch bend message. It’s set in the middle like your wheel on a keyboard so you can go up and down, so like 0 would be the lowest pitch. That pitch could be 24 semi tones on some setups depending on what you set your pitch bend range to.

Might have a problem using a slider in finding 0 all the time.

Every track can have a midi transformer to map the incoming midi to what you want.

Pitch Bend Change. 0mmmmmmm This message is sent to indicate a change in the pitch bender (wheel or lever, typically). The pitch bender is measured by a fourteen bit value. Center (no pitch change) is 2000H. Sensitivity is a function of the transmitter. (llllll) are the least significant 7 bits. (mmmmmm) are the most significant 7 bits.

My slider, at the bottom, actually defaults to zero. So I can only do PB up and return to center.

So you hooked it up and tried it?

No, what I was saying is:

When your controller puts out 0 that would be like the bend wheel pulled all the way down.

Somewhere in the middle of the slider would be the setting for no pitch bend at all.

Then all the way up would be the max.

The spec says center is 2000hex, not 0.

Should be easy to set up the transformer to change what your slider puts out to the pitch bend message and see how it works. Just have to read up on that stuff, seems like you kind of need an under standing of how the logical editor works a little also, maybe not. Long time since I’ve use it.

Well, this is all moot now. I did a reset on my keyboard and the PB Wheel works now.

But to answer your question, yes, at 0 is no bend and as I go up to 127, it bends up. Bringing it back down to 0 brings it back to the original pitch. There is no PB down.

However, and this is the weird part, it only behaves this way for my synths. If I try this on my guitar library, it works the way you say where 64 is the mid point. Very odd.

But it doesn’t matter now anyway. Wheel is working again.