Need minimum padding around tuplet number

I’ve got an extended section with tons of these sorts of figures:

The forte is much too close to the tuplet. Of course I can manually adjust these, and I will, but it seems this could be a candidate for some sort of “minimum distance surrounding tuplet number.”

Edit: here’s another example:


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Flip the triplet and hide the bracket?
If there are “tons of these” the 3 quickly becomes unnecessary…

Perhaps, but the point is to address the collision “out of the box” without altering the formatting.

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Align dynamic to left of notehead?

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I’ll nudge it left and down a bit, but I believe I heard Daniel say the defaults will never change the horizontal placement of the dynamic, so any change to padding would nudge the dynamic down.

Again, I fixed this an hour ago pretty easily, just suggesting an option for the future.

Have you tried playing with these?

Yours appear to be the 3rd option

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That’s global, which I certainly don’t want to change!

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I’m with @Janus on this one. I’ve always heard slightly left or center. Boosey & Hawkes says center, but never right:

Obviously if this is for a job your employer may disagree, but your current alignment seems too far to the right to me.

My first “serious” employer worked for Schirmer so I’m still partial to their style manual. I basically internalized this style book in the late 1990s LOL! Schirmer’s current style guide (pg 38) says:

Your employer may want what they want, but there’s definitely plenty of support to positioning those dynamics slightly left from their current positioning.

Adding onto the topic: I find I always want slightly wider letterspacing in tuplet ratio text, for readability. (There isn’t a way to adjust this that I’ve missed, is there?)

I’m fine with that, although again, these were all defaults.

I must say that I do agree that dynamics should never be on the right side of the note. The option to center them to the left edge of the note is a feature I requested on the early days of Dorico (and I suppose I was not the only one, since it was fixed very soon after the request, probably in 1.1 or 1.2), which I use as a default, but I have to say I agree with Dan that sometimes (and more often than not) the dynamics have to be move further left to avoid collisions or useless vertical spaces, especially in piano scores. I really have a lot of examples for that! Schirmer’s instructions seem quite disconnected from reality there.
One example from Ravel’s Une barque sur l’océan

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