Need more control over note velocity

Feedback on the playback templates is that we need more control over the generated velocity. With the BBCSO the default case is to get poor playback due to a velocity that is too high by default.

For example take a french horn and write some passage at mp using the Natural keyswitch (the default). With the generated velocity of ‘100’ the notes blat out. You can change the velocity manually and clearly hear how the sound changes.

It doesn’t seem like there’s any automatic usage of velocity in playback? Problem is that while canonically this library uses CC1 and CC11, the fact is the plugin also pays attention to velocity in some fashion, despite little mention of it in the documentation. obviously we can adjust the velocities but that’s a bunch of work that could easily be managed.

Maybe something simple as a switch to “track velocity with dynamic” would do it. This way we can continue to use CC1 and CC1, and velocity just tracks along.

You can’t use CC1, CC11, and velocity, but you could sacrifice CC11 in favour of specifying velocity as your secondary dynamic in the expression map.

if mp is generating a velocity of 100, seems to me that something is wrong there; it should be around 64, I’d have thought.

Agree. With the dynamic curve power set at 2.5 in Playback Options, I get a velocity of 52 for an mp. An mf is 76.

100 is the default velocity if you have somehow stopped your keyboard being velocity sensitive, or you have set it to generate CC data on some channel, but not note velocities.