Need More Functions and Options for New Features

I Just upgraded C12 to C13, and found some issues.

“Fixed Number of Slots”
You can select between fixed number(16) or minimum numbers(automatically adjusting) showing of insert slots on MixConsole Window, so we neet it on our new “Channel Section” zone.

“Move Channel Strip To Pre-Insert Position”
You can only switch Channel Strip Position on “Channel Settings” window now, so we need it on “Channel Section” zone aswell.

“Key Command for Channel Configuration”
Key command for Channel Configuration(Switching channel between mono-stereo) is missing.

And one more thing,
4k videos(actually any resolution higher than FHD) are now cropping in Video Player. We now have the new video engine which supports hardware decoding, so we need to go further on resolution aswell.

Thank you.

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Add the feature-request optional tag to your post, please.

Sorry for bothering you, I’m (kinda) new to this forum.
Thank you.


You don’t at all! I just wanted to inform you about this tag. Sorry, if my language sounds offensive. English is not my first language.