Need more inputs!

I upgraded to pro, and I’m excited that I can now use external FX and instruments. I’ve got a few lying around that would be nice to have available to add to tracks when needed, but the way I have them hooked up now is via a small mixer that the output runs into my interface, so I can’t exactly delegate something like input 3/4 to a single synth, because it’s the entire mixer.

So what I’m wondering is, what’s an easy, cheap way to get more inputs? Would that be something a USB mixer would offer? Thanks!

Probably not. Most (if not all, which is the case of the cheap ones at least) of these “USB mixers” only provides 2 channels (stereo) in and out through the USB connection.

It would help if you could tell us:

  1. Details (brand/model) of your current equipment (mixex and audio interface) so we could think if these can be somehow used in new setup.
  2. Your budget.
  3. Approximate number of inputs/outputs you think you need.

Can do!

  1. Interface is a Presonus Firebox, mixer is a Behringer Xenyx 802.
  2. Probably $200 or less, but open to any suggestions.
  3. Right now I only have 2 synths (1 stereo, 1 mono) and 1 FX (stereo), so enough to hook up those, a guitar and mic and maybe a few more. I’m also using the mixer currently as a preamp for my mic, the ones on my interface don’t work at all.


Unfortunately I don’t think you can find anything suitable for $200. You need at least 7 inputs and 4 outputs to hook up all your gear. And unfortunately your Onyx doesn’t seem to be powerful enough to be used as serious routing matrix (no pre-fader sends) in which case you could use it to reduce input requirements.

Cheapest option I can find, which fullfills your needs, is TASCAM US-16x08. I don’t know how expensive it’s in your country, but in EU you can get one for around 275€ (including VAT). And it has HUGE amount of inputs/outputs for it’s price. I definitely recommend you to take look at it.

DISCLAIMER: I’ve never used TASCAM US series and don’t know anything about their quality. My recommendation is only based on how many inputs/outputs you get for your $$$/€€€/£££. Further input from other forum members highly requested.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

I’ll probably just save up and get a new interface eventually that’ll have what I need plus more, I’ll look into the one you listed as well.