Need More Instrument Tracks

I am doing a little composing and have used 8 Instrument tracks(Using Kontakt 5) in Cubase LE AI 8, I need to add more but it won’t let me. I have followed this video(below) successfully so I should have 12 Instrument Channels. It says in Cubase that I have 12 when I do what this guy does.

Is the problem caused by my Controller Keyboard(Novation Impulse 49) only having 8 channel faders on it. I have tried without the keyboard, but it still won’t allow more instrument tracks. The Keyboard is automapped to the cubase, so it doesn’t like it if I don’t have the keyboard plugged in.

Any help please?

Thank you.


Maybe you should upgrade to Cubase Elements, where you can use up to 24 Instrument Tracks and 16 VST Instruments slots.


Thanks, Martin. I maybe will upgrade in future, but money has to be spent on other things at the moment. Are you saying that 8 Instrument tracks is the maximum on Cubase LE AI 8? Are the other factors I mentioned irrelevant? The Controller Keyboard and the Adding Channels to 12 in Kontakt etc? Would just like clarification.


I’m not sure about the limit of Instrument tracks in Cubase AI and Cubase LE. Could be, 8 is the limit.

Of course, you can use multi-timbral in NI Kontakt. But again, I’m not sure, if there is multi-timbral supported in Cubase AI and Cubase LE.

I happen to have AI 7 installed, so I checked this out.

I was able to create 16 Instrument tracks, but 8 VST instruments in the Rack. Make sure you are using the correct terms. If this question regards the window that comes up when you hit F11, you are talking about the VST Rack. Instrument Tracks are created (for example) by right-clicking in the Track area.

Hi @SteveInChicago

Thanks for your help, I haven’t used the F11 Key as nothing happens when I press it. I usually do

Project>Add Track>Instrument, then I select Kontakt 5 from the instrument drop down menu.

Sorry, I’m a bit of a novice, hope that helps.

VST Instruments Rack (F11) is not part of Cubase LE.

So you must be talking about LE, and not AI. The info is right on the product page…

Follow Martin’s suggestion above.

Sorry for the confusion guys. On my Cubase Desktop Icon it says “Cubase LE AI 8”, I didn’t realise they were two different versions, but thanks for clarifying which version I have.

Thanks for the link too.

To really make sure which version you have, go to Help menu and select About Cubase.