Need option to make mix console track names with color, as they were in C10.

The addition of colored tracks/channels in the Project Window and Mixer makes a HUGE difference with quickly being able to find things. Thank you to Steinberg for giving us this.

One thing that doesn’t make sense to me, though, is why the track names in the Mix Console are now white over black instead of being colored with the track like they were in C10? The black undoes some of what is so great about having colored channels now, and I’m not sure why that decision was made.

I put this post in the Feature Request area, for anyone who agrees with me. To me it’s very important to give us the option to have the track name boxes colored with the track as they used to be – right now it’s messy and not as easy as it should be to find things.

Thanks for listening!

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Here’s a link to the Feature Request.

Currently I feel that the mix console is distracting and still hard to find tracks in some ways, even when I have the colored channels enabled. My point here (as an option in preferences) would definitely fix some of that.


Visiting the link now