Need Pros/Cons Of Recording - Mono Source to Stereo Track

Adding another fader and another channel to clutter your project is only really smarter if you actually need it/use it.
If you don’t need to use these “many more possibilities” then you’re missing nothing and if you do you can easily route to group and drag the amp sim over when and if you need it.

Many plugins that aren’t made with special care for mono input, like modulation, delays, anything pretty much except guitar fx, you have a big chance of having routing issues like one channel comes out clean, or out of phase, or whatever, when inserting plugins of a different configuration of its track, so like its been done since the 60’s, we usually go for the most perfect setup, like using mono tracks for mono inputs and stereo tracks for stereo inputs…

I think you’re perhaps making a wrong assumption here…My thinking is that we don’t need to care at all about mono input as even though the file is mono it is already seen at the plugin input as stereo (or dual mono technically) because it’s on the stereo track.
If you can name any one of these plugs built with no care for mono input I’d love to confirm this.

At this moment, I have a problem panning a mono track, which basically fades out completely as I pan to the right. In comparing it to recordings from the same mono input to a stereo track I see I can pan the instrument anywhere I like (using a stereo track). I can make it sound perfectly in right ear or left ear - or anywhere in between.

So I think from this discussion (this whole page of posts) I need to record onto a stereo track in future. This will allow me to pan - what I think is called COMBINED PANNER so the result is I can move the instrument - intact- wherever I want.

With a mono input to a mono track - I seem to be stuck with fading out the left ear only as I pan the instrument to the right.

Is this correct?

And my fix for current situation is to create a new stereo track, and drag the mono track onto it, which will allow me to pan the instrument with full sound - intact - anywhere I want. (I must test this tonight.)

Thanks to all for your valuable help!

Generally speaking… I say yes, this would be one method to use. Especially when you want to use certain (most) stereo VST effects as inserts in an an audio track. But, as you can see by the above posts, there are other ways that will work depending on your VSTs, effects, etc… basically what you want your final desired sound to be.

So, it can’t hurt for you to try it for yourself… Record a mono instrument (like a guitar or mic) through a mono bus, to a Cubase stereo audio track.

BTW… I typically use the standard “Balance Panner”. But again, it depends on what you are trying to accomplish.

Regards :sunglasses:

No, there is something weong in your setup

Hi, I’m recenly thinking abt similar questions.

Yes, I could understand the concerns Mrhehon had pointed out, but I’m kinda at the side of the OP though. Here’s my view:
In Cubase we have Instrument Tracks, and they are default stereo no matter it’s a Piano VI or a Bass VI (please let me know if I get it wrong). And if we insert some “mono” plugins, such as EQ/comp, chances are that the we are making the signal stereo before it gets into the stereo FX such as chorus. A Bass VI on a Instrument Tracks should be the same as a Mono Source recorded on a Stereo Track, right? (As far as I know there are even more “bass on stereo” samplers such as Kontakt or Halion Sonic SE)

Just my 2cent, and I’m really open for further discussion.


I’m wanting to pan 2 stereo track, one left and the other right. They are mono recorded tracks to stereo. I was able to fully pan them left and right then something happened then they pan the opposite way? Now a very Unbalanced way of panning. I’ve checked everything including having individual input channels for each track so they don’t affect each other… they are still obscurely panning?