Need Refresher On Musical Time


I confess I’ve never -really- gotten a handle on the whole ‘musical time base’ thing… but I just screwed something up so I think I need to finally figure it out after 10 years!

I have a fairly complex CPR with MIDI and audio tracks and a couple of tempo changes. At some point, I must’ve accidentally changed the first tempo without realising it and saved it and forgot about it. It’s now 2 months later and I open it and of course now the audio and MIDI are out of whack… and I can’t remember the initial tempo -precisely-. But obviously, the audio tracks can provide me with the initial pulse.

In the past, I would have simply sucked it up, guessed at the tempo and then -very- tediously, altered the tempo marking and moving the audio to beat 1 over and over until everything was re-aligned.

But there -must- be an easier (ie. more automatic) way by now, right?

So… what’s the easiest way to
a) determine the original tempo from the audio

b) re-align the audio to that tempo? (Not time-stretching, just moving the audio back to beat 1.



I would think you’d only need to do part a as every thing should line back up once the original tempo is found.

You could try looking in the pool and see if the original tempo is marked on the files in their.

Otherwise open the tap tempo dialogue and tap along with the music and that should get you in the ballpark.

Hopefully your original tempo is a whole number and not something like 134.483bpm :laughing:

Or you could use the grid warp (used to be called time warp) to warp the tempo grid to the downbeats and find the tempo that way, once you have the tempo, undo all the warping and type in the new tempo.

(I’m 100% in agreement with Split’s proposed method :wink: )

Vic has just been very helpful to me on this subject and this summary (of mine) may help you, especially with your Timebase question:

Oh that Vic. He eeez ehvrrrry-where, mes no?

Thanks. Is there a way to make tracks all default to ‘Linear Time Base’? Or to make all tracks ‘Linear’ in one go?

Once again like most things it´s in preferences…

Most things? Fer sure.

Stuff I’ve been waiting 10 years for? Eh… not so much. :smiley:



(absolutely ehvrrrry-where :stuck_out_tongue: )…
That Preference just determines the way new tracks will be created… it doesn’t affect existing tracks.
It would be a nice feature request , to be able to, say, shift-click on any button, and it would be applied to all other tracks of the same class (other classes might not have the same buttons available :wink: )