Need Simple Attack/Release VST/FX (for Long Pad Sustains)

I have an old Korg Trinity that is routed in as analog that I assume has the same two kinds of sound banks as the modern ones: Programs and Combinations. The latter can be a combi of up to 8 Programs.

With Programs, it’s easy to set the Attack to 0 or less, and the Sustain to however long (incl. never-ending) in the default window on the Korg through sliders. With Combis, that’s not possible unless I go in and adjust each Program to the same Attack and Delay – which still may not have the desired effect for even some Programs are made of more than one sound, each one with its own settings.

I have the more or less default bundle of Effects that came with C6 and I can’t seem to find anything in there that could do what I can do with the Korg’s Attack and Release sliders in Programs. Some C6 effects do have attack/release, but they are relative to the effect. So…

— All I need is a basic, only-attack-and-delay VST or effect that does not otherwise effect the sound of the pads or whatever other instrument I’m piping in through my analog M-Audio Audiphile card. I just want to be able to create some nice long sonic glides of strings or guitars, etc.

A) Is there anything in the default effects or elsewhere in C6 that can do this?
B) If not, is there some free and reliable VST that can do this?

Thanks for your help.

There is the EnvelopeShaper under Dynamics in the default Cubase plugs in 6.5 (you don’t say which version you have). This can alter attack, sustain and release characteristics. I often use it to add ‘crack’ to the front of snare drums.

It may be of use to you, but if you want the effect of overlaying chords and slow releases, then that would have to come from within the synth patch.


Thanks for reply. I’ll give it a shot but you’re probably right that for the overlay of chords and long sustains, I’ll probably have to dive into the hardware patches themselves. Was hoping for a shortcut, easy way… :slight_smile: