Need some advice setting up Cubase - Another "No-Sound_thread"

Hi there
I just downloaded Cubase and I spent hours trying figuring out why i have no sound.
I have no audio input - which i think is why there is no soud.
If I click the dropdown menu to change from not connected to “Generic low latency Asio driver”, noting happens. I could change the Audio Output that way, but not the Audio Input…
Any advice appreciatet :slight_smile:
Cheers - Beyon

Check if you have control room enabled and how your audio connections are set up.

If you don’t use the control room, disable it and assign your Stereo out to the HW outputs!

Thanks for your fast answer!
I don’t have control room enabled. Unfortunately, I cannot find the setting to change to HW outputs.
Is there a search option? :grinning:
Also, I now don’t have any sound - from any other application. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

There are two places you need to check in Cubase.
First, select the driver for your audio interface in studio setup:

Then, check the audio connections, if you see the outputs of your interface there:

Thanks for your reply! Ok, so I checked.
I only have the Generic low latency Asio driver - not the yamaha steinberg studio asio.
As for the audio connection - I think thats the problem, because I cannot select an output device. It stays on “not connected” - I’m not able to change that to the Generic low latency asio driver. I can click on it in the drop-down menu, but it does not switch to the audio device.
→ Thats whats bothering me, because I have no clue what the reason for this is :slight_smile:

So you don’t have an audio interface at all and are just using your computer onboard audio? Maybe that is not working correctly?
It would be worth a try installing ASIO4All, which would give you better latency anyway than the generic driver, and use that in Cubase.

Yes :slight_smile: I was not aware that I need an Audio Interface.
I will try Asio4All. Thanks for that input. Is there a way to use my graphics card instead?

hmm, after thinking about it. I don’t quite get why I need an audio interface, when I’m not using a manual input. Is there no way to use the software, without an audio interface, when I’m only using software instruments?

Well, you need anything to play back the sound from cubase. That can be the onboard sound chip on your computer. I don’t know why you cannot select the generic asio driver, but as you wrote that you don’t have any sound from any application, i guess there is something wrong with your onboard sound. Can’t help you with that, sorry.

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Thanks a lot for your help!
The problem of not having sound on any application was only when I had Cubase open - but went away on closing and reopening.
I will take another look tomorrow.

Also, I recently switched from a Mac to Windows, and installation and setting up an application is always a little more difficult on windows (at least for me).

I now finally found out why… The control panel of the asio driver did not quite display right. There is supposed to be a checkbox to select a device, but this checkbox is somehow displayed tiny, like 0.5mm - so I did not see my device was unchecked :slight_smile:
I thought it was a point, like there is in normal listings :slight_smile:

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Glad your sorted out. I think you will probably need a decent audio interface soon, Focusrite have a good reputation. I might say that getting no sound is something I went through many times in first using cubase, there can be a variety of reasons. One to watch out for is if a track is disabled then re-enabled sometimes its muted even though the button says it’s unmuted. A couple of clicks and the sound comes back. It’s a xug.
The way I and many set up is to to select the Asio driver then go to Audio Connections, set up your inputs, then put a stereo (assuming your working in stereo) output in outputs but do NOT assign it, then go to the control room tab and also set up a Stereo output but this time assign the outputs of your sound device. Ensure Control Room is enabled and make sure that the metronome is enabled in control room. It’s a bit finicky. When you have it working, then save the presets on input, output and control room page as e.g. MyOutput, My input etc.
When you reload your project and return to the Audio Connections dialoge, these connections wil NOT show up as loaded, though they often are. If you find yourself in trouble with Audio Connections then just load your presets that work.
It’s been weird like this for a while, and Steinberg have not sorted it. However Cubase on the whole is excellent and very stable. IMO

Hi Zerozero
Thanks for your inputs!
Yes I’m sure i will need an audio interface soon, but for now I will stick with my hilariously expensiv laptop :slight_smile:
I just set up the preset like you suggested… Definitely makes things easier:)
Cheers! Beyon