Need some guidance regarding usb eLicencer for cubase

Hey guys! I just bought the USB eLicencer for Cubase now, but I haven’t purchased Cubase yet because the trial version of elements is still effective for one more week, after that, I am planning to buy Cubase Artist, and eventually, upgrade to Cubase Pro. So as my eLicencer is new what’s the first thing I have to do with it before purchasing the Cubase license? Or am I also eligible for another trial of Cubase Artist? I am totally new to Steinberg that’s why I am asking here.

Hey, there is a sales promotion right now:

If you purchase and activate Cubase Artist in July, you will get the upgrade to Pro for free.

There is nothing you have to do with the elicenser. Just plug it in when you are installing the Cubase in the Steinberg Download Assistant.

Wow! Amazing…
Is it region specific or it’s world wide? Basically I am from India.

Worldwide. Greetings from Hamburg to India!

Thank you so much! I guess I am really lucky to get this kind of surprise at the very beginning of my musical journey <3 I was just stepping into the world of music after learning music theory and piano…

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