Need some help getting started in Cubase

I am very new to the DAW scene. I messed around in fruity loops for a year, then decided to invest in Cubase. So far I have done some minor stuff like laying down some drum and synth tracks and messing with the included effects, but this summer my goal is to really get the wraparound on this program. I am hoping that once I understand what everything does, how to use those things, and how to do it quickly, I can get a really nice workflow going.

I am guessing that a good way to get started would be the manual. I know that some manuals suck though, and I am wondering if it would be worth the time investment to read this one.

Aside from the manual, are there any sources that go REALLY deep into the tools and functions of Cubase? I need to know everything, including the basics!

I have already had some lag problems where after a few measures the tracks get out of sync with eachother, but hopefully it subsides.

Thanks for any potential help!


Also on the summer list is learning more about synthesis and the basics of EQ and mastering

Cubase’s manual (actually manuals!) is a great reference … but a difficult read for most people.

Look at the top of this forum page for the Video Tutorials … extensions of the ones that come with Cubase. They are quite good. I think video tutorials are great learning tools.

I personally favor the Ask Video series … although I don’t think they have published a Cubase 6 series yet … and the Groove3 series. Check their websites.

There is also a ton of stuff on YouTube including the very good mini topic ones from PointBlank.



The “Getting started” manual (printed or as pdf on DVD, also available at is a good thing to start with.

If you make the effort to work through this manual you will learn a lot of basics.

Next level could be video tutorials such as this or ASK video.

Have you got a month or three free? Just bury your head in the manuals and go thru each section as you encounter it as you go thru the tutorial Projects or build your own dummy projects as you learn.
If you don’t understand a term ask here. If you need a bit deeper or more detailed explanation, as said, there are a lot of very good videos out there.

You may need the net more but googling “Cubase 6” and / or “computer specs” or similar may help but don’t tweak too much. Try to be methodical ie: one job / chapter / feature at a time. Not always easy with Cubase as there’s always a distracting side-track.
Being methodical will stop you ever writing a stupid WTF!? post and so you will always be taken seriously when you have a problem. :mrgreen:
You are now banned from reading WTF!? posts as they are always written by time-wasters who don’t know what they’re doing. Oh! Go on read a couple. After two hours in the manual you’ll need a good laugh. :laughing:

the videos and the manual, the swa is on sale for 14 bucks not a bad deal, more helpful when you are up and running. It takes time for sure, getting to just record and mix a few channels comes fairly fast, and it depends on if you are just doing it for yourself, figure a couple of months part time working at it to get a general idea of what is going on. I am still figuring some basic stuff out after 8 months but have recorded a hundred songs and some of them sound pretty good so far. good luck