Need some help...please

Hi guys,

In hope that someone will still read this forum, I need to post a simple question;
I have and old XP PC with WL 5 installed.
Haven’t used it for ages and don’t remember a function;

How can I lock the markers ( CD track splice) and audio clips together, so I can insert time or another audio file
in the otherwise finished master ?

I would truly appreciate any help you can give me.

With the clip selected, right-click the marker and select “make relative…”. Or, it’s also on one of the menus on the marker tab.
If you’re inserting time or another audio file, you’ll also want to enable the “track auto-grouping” button on the Edit tab, so the clips on the right slide when you insert.

Thanx so much bob99,

So…select all on the right side> auto-group> then make their CD splice markers relative ?
Would these markers have to be selected individually, or the auto group step will also apply to all of them ?

again…appreciate the hand !

If you already have all markers and clips, and none of the markers are bound to the clips (you can see whether that’s the case if you look on the markers tab where it says “clip reference”), then the markers have to be bound one by one. It can’t be done as a group after the fact. I normally use the CD Wizard in the first place to make markers, and that creates markers that are initially bound to the clips.

The auto group button is just needed for the clips on the right to slide when you insert more songs or more space. The Auto group button has no effect when marker binding.

All clear now, thank you.