Need some help restoring Windows audio

As oft mentioned, I’ve relocated studio space and just moved all equipment. I installed the newest Cubase and got back up and running,Cubase works fine. However I can’t get any audio to stream as before. I’st noticed last night when checked out the embedded tutorial links in the new Cubase. Also found WinAmp not to play and reinstalling doesn’t work. My EMU 1820m works fine for Cubase but can’t play mp3s off my hard drive with Windows Media Player

Sound familiar to anyone? Any ideas?

Hey Mr M,

Have you confirmed that Windows is reading your EMU as your default device for common applications? (Found in the Audio section of your control panel).

If you are talking about this happening while Cubase is running, be sure that the “Release Driver when Application is in Background” is checked in Device Setup.

I know you are very experienced, so I fear it must be more complicated than this…

Still win7 operating system?
go to:
Control Panel>Hardware Sound>Manage Audio Devices> Select Playback- View to see audio device is enabled and Windows audio device (exp realtek) is disabled - also confirm that main outputs are selected to correct port on audio card (exp main out 1-2 not optical etc)
Hope this helps

Thanks to both of you, I found the problem by taking a fresh step by step based on Banes post. Sound card had rest itself to 48k. Now everything works as expected

Banes using Win 8 are you also KZarider? Any advantages; I just got Win 7 installed last fall.

Right click on your default playback system in the toolbar.
Choose sounds,
choose playback tab,
highlight speakers ,
click on properties.
Choose advanced tab
Now you should be able to choose sample and bit rate and match it with cubase

Good shortcut! I’ll be caught using that.

I heard that Windows 8 supposedly has better performance, but if you are on a normal laptop or desktop instead of a touchscreen device, I wouldn’t be in any hurry to upgrade. Based on workflow/user interface I would rather have Windows 7. This metro start screen is an unnecessary middleman between me and my desktop.

I have windows 8 on one computer (I just built it) and do really like it. I can’t really say it has advantages over 7 but seems to have a smaller system footprint. I actually have it setup to boot to desktop and also use the start menu just like win7, I know a lot of people complain about it but after a few days of working with it and setting it up for audio I do like it.
If you do install I’d do a clean install not an upgrade :slight_smile: