Need some help setting up project for live keyboard

Hi guys, any laptop keyboardists here?
I’m playing keys in a rock band and we’re stating to tour very soon.
My setup is:
Nektar lx88+, Tascam us-1x2, win10 laptop(8gb ram, 2.6ghz cpu, ssd drive) running cubase 9 pro.

  1. first of all, any tips, tricks or settings for live gigging with laptop and midi?

    My problem is that for every song, I need to switch\add sounds…
    I want to make a project for all of the band’s comes to about 16 instrument tracks(16 racks),
    mostly halion… so each track is edited with layers,splits and volumes within halion = (dedicated track for each song).
  • but some songs require 2\3 different tracks with different VSTs - for example:
    a song that starts with a piano, then switches to addictive keys’s mark1, and then adds to it halion’s strings =
    (dedicated track for each VST within a song).

  1. I need a way to scroll quickly between SONGS(not tracks) for example:
    1st song is track 1
    2nd song is track 2
    3rd song is track 3, 4 and 5(4 and 5 is muted, for later layering)
    4th song is track 6 and 4(both on)
    and so on… how to achieve that?..
  • it would be lovely if each song could open its own GUI’s and close the previews song’s GUI’s

    and because you can’t be too careful when it comes to performing live with laptop :laughing: :
  1. is there a way to “wire” a project properly for live playing with a laptop, (less cpu\ram usage).
    Although I haven’t experienced any latency\ glitches\ clips from having 5 racks opened, and playing a single track (halion) with 6 sounds combined,
    I haven’t tried yet to play 3\2 tracks simultaneously with 16 racks opened…is it going to be problematic?

    Anyways, sorry for the long post, and thank you for your help and time.