Need some help with learning Dorico

I am new to this and I need some tutoring on how to use this software although I purchased this software some time ago


Welcome to the forum @min.k.f.g.nip007 !

There are lots of resources available to help you do anything using Dorico. Perhaps could you say a bit more about what you want to use Dorico for, maybe including a bit about any previous experience you have with another notation software (if applicable)?

On the Resources page Dan linked in his reply above, there are a few guides etc tailored for beginners, including a First Steps guide that takes you through creating a piano piece project from start to finish, and explains some of Dorico’s philosophy along the way.

But you may also want to make yourself a beverage of your choice, head over to the Dorico YouTube channel, and watch a few videos on areas of the app that interest you. On the Playlists tab, videos have been categorized by theme or purpose, which might help – the Getting Started with Dorico SE playlist is a great one for beginners, as are a lot of John’s Discover Dorico sessions, which tend to be around an hour long and benefit from John’s friendly and conversational presentation.


I would highly encourage you to do the First Steps tutorial and watch multiple videos on YouTube (multiple times). If you have any previous experience with notation software, that knowledge (in general) will NOT help you learn this software. Instead, consider it to be a totally new program about which you know absolutely nothing… and you will need to learn from the bottom up.

The time invested in learning how the program functions will be VASTLY repaid in the time and frustration saved by just stumbling through and trying to “pick it up as you go.”

Oh, and don’t start your first project with a huge orchestral piece with a looming production deadline. Start with a simple piano piece, or a voice/piano, or a small piece for string quartet. Learn how the program is designed before taking on projects with a deadline. Trust me, it will be a much smoother and enjoyable introduction to Dorico!