need some help with my plug-ins

Hi guys, i am new guy using Cubase LE 9.5 and i just start tu use some plug-ins from waves, y just start processing the drums with Eq, Gates, but with i start to use a reverb “Abbey Roads Plates” now sometimes stop for a haf a second, i dont know if its the cubase that need a better version or something wrong else since my computer spec. Processor: Intel R core TM i7-7500U 2.70Ghz 16 GB Ram which has about 14 GB free and 64 bit operating system so i guess is not my laptop, please i will apreciate some help, Thanks

Hi and welcome,

Try to increase Buffer Size of your Audio Device, please.

Make sure, you are not using any Trial/Demo version of any plug-in. Some plug-in vendors do this.

Are you using onboard audio? What driver is selected in Cubase?