Need some info and help , Update from 4 to 7, Changing count

Hi there ,
I am a cubase user since the early ones ,1999
I have cubase 4 , running on mac book pro Dual Core 4 gb ram , running 10.8.2

This is very important for me , as so far i have no problems with cubase 4 (only quantization bug i have ) but my work flow is smooth ,

  1. i would like to update from 4 to 7 … is it good to buy the update , and do it on top of C4 = or buy 7 , remove c4 and start again ?

  2. i m trying the trial of c7 . i cant make it open and work , it s asking me for activation code , then when i input the code in E licenses ii get an error , on server maintaince

  3. I would like to change my country as i was living in Australia , and now i m In Malta (eu)

4 . i can t open cubase 4 now , because i installed the C 7 trail and because of the activation is not let the c4 open because of 7 installed something that need the act !!

i m trying to reach support , but with no result , so if any 1 could help ,
thanks guys
charlie ,.

Try updating the elicence software.

10x the server was down , so the elinces counldn t make a connection ,

i m trying Cubase 7 now , i really like , great job Steinberg

I would like to know what happens after the 30 days trial period ?

can i buy the cubase 7 (update )Licensee and everything stays like it is ?

steinberg , u make more creative !!