Need some soloists......

Howdy folks. I’m currently reworking a couple of projects and I thought I’d open this particular piece up to the Cubase brethren.

Get the song here:

The solo should begin around 2:24/2:25 (after the big synth). Play as long as you like. I’ll pick and choose what I need anyway and may well extend the project by a couple of minutes if the need arises which it likely will with all you talented buggers :smiley: It’s a bit of fun for now and any solo instrument will do; geetars, sax, keys, anything goes :sunglasses:


PS Tempo is 90bpm and in 4/4 time C# minor

Further details down the page

My rough idea!

Well, this is where it was taking me after 15 mins of looping…

No claims of greatness … just pfaffing about.

Anyway … back to the real world.


Cool, good stuff Ruaridh :slight_smile:

I skipped most of your post Philter and clicked the link straight away. After a minute or 2 I figured you must’ve posted the wrong link because this wasn’t going anywhere near a song that could use a solo. Turns out I should be more patient :smiley:

Yep, I lean towards theatre from time to time :laughing: Good to have a solo after the scene is set :sunglasses:

Cheers mate!

Me too … at first.

Me too … at first.


So hey: I’ve shown you mines … you are now contractually obliged to show me yours!


I agree, let’s rock :sunglasses:

To save having to listen to the 4+ minutes, I’ve now looped the bit I want solos in:
Here’s the loop:

I’ve left some FX in there just to add ambience or maybe inspire :sunglasses:
Have fun. This track will appear on an album at some point, just no idea when :smiley:
Though it’s in C# minor, I tend to leave the A and B as naturals. Still, it’s open to chromatic runs should you so desire :sunglasses:


Hi there Phil I like this a lot.
What Ruardih (cool playing man!) has done with this on the leads is very close to what I would have done myself on this.
My jam idea was very close :slight_smile:

What I feel here is that there is max 1 minute lead on this as it is now
There is only so long I at least can play over one chord.
But if you included some new chords after 16 bars or so then going back the the main riff…
Then we’d be talking.

All the best, Kim :slight_smile:

Hiya Kim. I was thinking of overlapping solos on this, there’s already 5 or 6 people come forward on this, I was intrigued by the differing styles people have so thought it might work on that basis…
A danger was that I got 20 solos and I have a 2 minute intro and 20 minutes of soloing :laughing: I’m sure I’ll be able to make it all work somehow.

1st: I thank you.
2nd: great minds think alike … or is it that fools seldom differ?

Have a go anyway! I think you’re in safe hands with Phil. Also I’d be interested to hear it - as shown in Dave S’s “You’re Free” thread in the Made With Cubase section: the same raw materials can produce very different results in different hands.

Go on … you know that you want to!


:open_mouth: OH! So what you’re saying is: I was the only one vain enough to post something!!! :mrgreen:

Ironically, my favorite part of my version is when the guitar stops … and the “tweety” synth “echo’s” my (slightly ropey) unison bend. That synth part must have subliminally influenced me because it was a pleasant shock when the pieces first fell into place. Well … that part and when the guitar over lies the early synth line (the bit I wasn’t supossed to play over!! :mrgreen: ): to my ear, it totally changes the bass line. Which is nice.

I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes.


:smiley: Ruaridh :smiley:

Most of the guys do stuff at the weekend and inevitably, any music stuff is a tad delayed…
I like some of those FX too so I’ll be editing around a few so’s not to lose them :sunglasses:


Listening now. I may be able to do something with this. My Roland GP-16 has some patches made especially for weird stuff :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: like this.

Would you mind if I threw in a few major 3rds in there to add some assymetrics to the overall sound?

Feel free Larry :sunglasses:

Actually I’m starting to think Dominant Phrygian keys now. :smiley:

Oooooh, can’t beat a good dominant phrygian :laughing:

Give me until the end of Wednesday to come up with something. The wife works Tue - Thu and the baby is in daycare. I don’t have any client meetings currently scheduled = I’ll be “working from home” :smiley: and can spend an hour or two on coming up with something.

Is anyone else reminded of Sacred by Depeche Mode when they listen to this?


What version of Cubase are you running? I did some…um…interesting things and rather than render the tracks with effects applied it may be better if you applied the effects there so that you can tweak them to taste. But if you’re running SX then, Houston, we may have a problem. :laughing:

Hiya Larry, I’m on SX3 here but if you send just the WAVs (no effects if poss), I can slot you in no worries.
Sorry about the delay, my ISP has been down for 6 hours :imp: