Need some suggestion of Upgrading and also newsletter problem

First time to post here, I’m from HongKong.

I’m using Cubase 10.5 pro, considering to upgrade to 12 (actually I cant find a way to upgrade only to 11).

I would like to upgrade to 12 when there’s a discount going on, so I checked my newsletter subscription, it’s been always on since I bought cubase 8 pro years ago. Then something weird turned out.

I realized even if my newsletter subscription button have been always on, I haven’t received a single sale or product newsletter from steinberg through out all these year(But tons of email from steinberg forum).

So i checked my email rules, I’m using a icloud email for Steinberg account.
It turns out to be there’s no specific rule in my icloud setting that bans news letter from steinberg,
actually no rules at all.

So I declicked and reclicked my news letter subscription to set it on. don’t know if that works…
Then i consider trying to sent an email to customer service to see if it’s possible to generate a test newsletter email to my email address and see the result. But I simply can’t find my way to “send a email to someone of steinberg” , always endsup in selecting distributor or something different that i dont need (maybe it’s because of my region, i’m not sure)

with all that above, I’m not looking forward to any newsletter to be received.
either way sooner or later I’ll update to 12, if possible, can anyone share some expierence about the routine Sale or discount period or months of cubase pro upgrading?

I think I’ll just check for sales information around those period of time manually instead, maybe that’s the most practical and least effort way for me to get a discount on upgrading.

Hello. I’m not sure how to help with the email, but they usually have a sale mid-summer. So just keep checking the Steinberg site in the coming weeks.

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