need suggestion on midi recording latency


I need help suggestion to best achieve right external midi recording without wave latency.
Thanks to anybody who want to help me to how manage settings because I don’t think to move manually every recording.
latency on wave.png


This is how all DAWs work. Smaller Buffer Size gives you shorter dispersion.

I’ve searched options for compensate this but seems that I’m not able to found something inherent in Cubase preferences.
In studio audio preferences I’ve found the bottom parameter for move recording changing samples but does not solve, nothing seems to change.
In Logic preferences this is possible changing samples delay and all external synth are recorded in sync.

Try “Record shift” in device setup. Positive Values shift to thw left, negative values shift to the right.

Many Thanks!!! This helped me to fix my problem. Added 70 samples and Cubase record exactly were I need to start recorded wave.
I was trying lower values without results, don’t believe that I needed to increment to 70samples.
Thanks so much, you’ve saved me :wink:

Have a good work and health

You ˋre welcome.