Need suggestion: Where to place 'Preview' tag in Media Bay?


For every Project I use to create a an Mp3 ‘Preview’ file. In that way I don’t need to load Project every time I want to hear it.

Now, in media Bay I want to add ‘Preview’ attribute tag to all such files. I have looked in different Media Bay attributes to find tag ‘Preview’ or similar tag. But I couldn’t find tag that correspond to ‘Preview’.

I suppose it should go to the same tag family such ‘Master’, ‘Temp Mix’ etc.

Any idea in which attribute category to place it?


You can place the tag anywhere you like really, it doesn’t matter. Mediabay is suppose to be setup for the user to make ‘their’ life easier. What is good for one, may not be good for another. Place the tag in a place where it can be easily searched for and where accurate results will come from a search for this parameter. You could even place it under the genre tag. I do that for drums. They have generic listings like hihat, but not whether its open, closed, pedal etc, so I pick drums/hihat then under genre tag is as open, closed etc. When I search for drums/hihat, the genre header will show me open, closed, pedal and how many samples are contained within each heading. Makes it much easier to narrow down exactly what I am after. I am sure you could do the same for your mp3 preview.

I don’t remember exactly how I did it, but in the “Defined” section of the “Attribute Inspector” under “Various” I created “Key_Word_01”, “Key_Word_02”, “Key_Word_03”, etc… for all my custom tags. Its funny, I actually do the same thing with all my projects too… I’ll bounce down a section to reference later so I don’t have to open the full CPR file to preview it.

I did something similar, but after upgrading to C 6.0.7 - they all disappeared. Please check my post here:

Is that something have encountered?